Century I Condominium
The Century I Condominium is located at Coastal Highway at 99th Street and the Atlantic Ocean. The Century I is Ocean City's tallest building and has one of the most unique designs. All the units occupy two levels with a design configuration such that there is a service hallway every third floor. This not only gives every unit a private oceanfront and bayside balcony, but also allows for high speed elevator service between the lobby and the upper floors. Main features include:

Century I Features
From the second you step foot into the Century I lobby you know you are staying first class. With 30foot ceilings and a rich marble construction staying in Ocean City Marylandís tallest building has its perks.

  • Ocean Front
  • Beach access
  • Bayside view
  • See both sunrise and sunset from every unit
  • Enclosed Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Saunas
  • Oceanfront Deck
  • Full time security
  • Separate Beach and Luggage Elevator
  • Ample parking